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Sponsorship and Advertising Information

Advertising Information 

Santa Rosa United Youth Soccer Club joined with Sonoma Soccer Complex Inc and the Parks and Recreation Department of Sonoma County to build and maintain 2 brand new all weather fields at Schopflin Park. The fields have opened and Santa Rosa United is excited to offer valuable advertising space on the cyclone fence perimeters. For Forms and Information Click Here

Sponsor a Child or Team

Although SRU is very affordable with the new reduced dues and fund raising activities of the Club, some families or teams would welcome the support of a generous donation.  No matter how small it would go a long way to help.  Perhaps your corkage fees could be donated?  

Make a Donation

SRU is a non-profit organization, designed as a charity to promote the health, soccer skills and personal development of the Sonoma County boys and girls.   Through generous donations Trione Fields was built and we continue to improve the facilities with donations.  If you would like to help, please contact Laurie Hurst at the SRU office.

Concession Stand at Trione Fields 

A simple act of support can be made by buying a drink or snack at the concession stand at Trione Field.  The profits from this stand go to the field upkeep and general maintenance.  Support your Club by buying your refreshments at our own Stand.

Other Ideas?  

If you have any other ideas of support, donation or improvement of the service that SRU is offering the community then don’t hesitate to contact SRU.

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