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Practice Schedules

Please look for specific field assignments by downloading the Trione Field Matrix - Click Here

Field Guidelines

Field Closure

You need to check the SRYSL website  after 3:00pm to see if fields are closed.  Do not practice on closed fields for any reason. The Coach is responsible to know whether or not the fields are closed, always check the website during the rainy season. Coach may be fined for practicing on closed fields. 


P2P - closure will be posted by 3pm at

  1. Do not practice at all in the goal area, that means no players in the goal area ever during practice.
  2. Must be off the complex by Dark, finish practice at least 10 minutes before dark.
  3. Always check Website for field update after 1:00pm.
  4. Nets and flags are in storage box, all coaches have a key.
  5. Make sure nets are put on in the right directions, use plastic ties, not tape.

All weather Fields

  1. Field opens up at time designated on Permit, Must be off of complex at the end time stated on permit.
  2. Make sure parents follow rules posted (no dogs ect.).
  3. Use sand bags on all goals at SR High.
  4. Must request use of fields by Tuesday for the weekend. 


Trione Fields Grand Opening Event!
Club Opening 10/6

Our Grand Opening Event was a blast!  There was games and contests for all of the players and coaches, a jump house and giant slide, and free food for everyone!  Rick Rubattino, Chris Ziemer and Carl Edwards spoke about the history of the field project, thanking our generous donors and volunteers, and celebrating the arrival our fields and what that means to Santa Rosa United for the future development of our players.  Henry Trione and his family were there(pictured below), as well as several of SRU’s past presidents, all of whom contributed to the advancement of this field project.                       

please click on "continue" to see pictures of our opening events and our field project timeline

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