3rd Annual Chris Pierpoint Toy Drive - December 10-13 at Trione Field

Thank you for considering to bring to Trione Field in memory and to honor our SRU player Chris Pierpoint for the third annual Chris Pierpoint toy drive running between December 3-7, 2012 by dropping off a toy to your coach or at the toy barrels near the snack-shack.

Last year we collected over 100 toys for Chris’s Toy Drive which we forwarded on to some needy causes for the Holidays. 

Thank you SRU and everyone that helped.  

Last year Chris Angel staffed the toy drive booth in the cold collecting the presents.  Chris Angel was telling us some stories of how he used to train with Master Pierpoint with Messias, week after week training together.  Chris Angel said "I just can’t believe Chris is gone and I if I have to stand out here in the cold, its no problem, its for Chris".  That’s a friend!

About Chris Pierpoint:

The Rincon Valley Middle School student who died last year after suffering a brain hemorrhage will be the inspiration behind the toy drive.

Santa Rosa United soccer club, with whom “The White Flash” played for years, will host a toy drive in Chris’s name. Chris was given the nickname because of his blinding speed on the soccer field.  Read more about Chris:


and here:


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