Catch SRU Alums Playing in the CCAA Conference Tournament this Weekend

See some great college matches tomorrow and Sunday at Cal State Stanislaus, Turlock for the DII, CCAA conference playoffs!!  Local SSU Men’s and Women’s teams will compete both Friday and Sunday in a 4-team play-off in one of the most competitive conferences in the nation.

Cal State Stanislaus lady Warriors captured the 2013 north CCAA Division title last week and who has competed for the past 3 years in the conference championships includes:

Karli Nestler (SRHS-2010 SRU Aftershocks)
Emily Welter (CGHS-2013 Sru Avalanche)

Sonoma State Women, coached by SRU Alum Emiria Salzmann-Dunn (PHS) rosters:

JJ McFarlin (SRHS-2010, SRU Thunder)
Margie Osmundson (CGHS-2011, SRU Thunder)
Danielle Carr (MCHS-2008, SRU Earthquakes)
Taylor Enzler (CN-2013 SRU Avalanche)
Maritza Sosa (EA-2012, SRU Aftershocks)
Gianna Fistolera (CN-2012, Sru Avalanche)
Midge Minton (MCHS-2013, SRU Avalanche)

Sonoma State Men, coached by SRU’s Marcus Ziemer has 2 alumni rostered:

Nico Spann (MHS-2009, SRU Boca Jr)
Taylor Varnadore (Analy -2010, SRU Celtics)

Chico State Wildcats rosters Cody Levar (MCHS 2009, SRU Cosmos)  

Division I Mountain West Conference playoffs include San Diego State Aztecs, coached by SRU alum coach Mike Freisen. Seniors Carli Johnson (MCHS -2010, SRU Thunder) and Haley Palmer (WHS-2010, SRU Thunder) will start.


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