Dave Shaffer's Coaching Report from Japan
Hi to everyone at Santa Rosa United,
I am settling in well in Japan and having a great time travelling in Asia.
I’ve been working with the elite High School boys and girls in Japan . One boy was chosen by us to be represented in a contest called the "Hance", which is sponsored by Nike, we picked him out of all the top players in Japan, then he went on trial with 50 other boys, he is now down to the final 16, all trying to get a pro contract with top Nike clubs, Man U, Barca, Celtic, Arsenal, etc.  Very exciting for this young man.
I work for a company called Pocari sweat (gatorate of Asia) we promote proper hydration threw our clinics and I was featured in a recent magazine article.
I will be back in February for a couple of days, then off to Las Vegas as I will be taking a team from Beijing to the LV Mayors cup. I have started a Total Football Academy in Beijing.
I have 2 teams comming over to Las Vegas, the academy started of at 50 players, it now in one month has grown to over 100, in April when we open it up, we are expecting over 300 players. Amazing growth and excitement in soccer.
Our company TFB will be signing a special contract with a big club "Champions League" team to be there Asia connection for all players-Academy, big deal!
Thats it for now, say hello to all.


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