About Us

Our Mission Statement

Santa Rosa United Soccer Academy

Our mission is to create a soccer environment and culture where our players are inspired to reach for their full potential, are taught a love for the game and are coached to play with creativity and freedom.


Highest levels of quality soccer training

SR United exists to provide the highest levels of quality soccer training for the players and to enhance their social/emotional and physical health, in a positive and safe environment.


Nurture a valuable soccer learning experience

We will strive to create and nurture a valuable soccer learning experience. To achieve this goal we will make every effort to insure that well-educated coaches develop the skills, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship and to foster and perpetuate these qualities at all levels of their soccer growth. We will endeavor to empower our players with a life-long passion and love for the game of soccer.


Develop a love of the game of soccer

SR United will create an environment where our players develop a love of the game of soccer and continue to participate in the sport throughout their lifetime. To achieve this goal, we must develop an environment where we teach a creative, attacking, and possession-style soccer built on a foundation of strong technical skills.