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Santa Rosa United Athletic Development Program

At Santa Rosa United we recognize that in addition to developing players we are also helping to develop athletes. To support a long term athletic development model we have introduced programming for our players to maximize their athletic development potential.

Our program is periodized to align with the competitive season to prepare the players to be at their peak for the ECNL showcases.

  • Build strength and durability in our players to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Improve first step acceleration and speed mechanics.
  • Teach players how to “brake” properly when they decelerate
  • Develop Power and Explosive strength
  • Increase mobility and stability in the ankle and hip to protect the knee.
  • Educate players on the importance of nutrition, rest/recovery and mindset.
  • Test and retest to track improvements
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SRU Athletic Development Channel

Please check out the attached link for some activities to complete at home to “prepare” and “repair” your body for the big game at the weekend. Please contact our athletic development lead Julie if you have any questions.