Santa Rosa United Hall Of Fame

Class of 2023

“The Starting Eleven”

Joe Belluzzo

Joe Belluzzo. Is recognized as the key figure in the early foundation of soccer in Sonoma County, Joe initiated the formation of the Santa Rosa Youth Soccer League in 1969. Over the years he coached and guided players and teams in Santa Rosa leading to the emergence of Santa Rosa United. Joe arranged for the long used and treasured Belluzzo fields, located off of Todd Road. He is a member of the California Youth Soccer Association Hall of Fame and a named to the Press Democrat 50 most influential People in Sonoma County History.

Lauire Hurst

Laurie served Club Administrator for many years, during the 1990s and 2000s. Laurie was engaged in almost every facet of the club’s duties, from tracking dues, payroll, and registration to organizing tryouts and playdates, tossing on a referees uniform and running the fields or on the sidelines supporting her family, club legends in their own right, Laurie was always there for the club. The annual award to recognize a Club member for going above and beyond for the club is named after Laurie Hurst.

David Kronberg

Dave Kronberg is recognized for leading Santa Rosa United through the club’s major transition at the turn of the century. As a Board member in the 1990s along with his wife (Club Registrar), Dave became Club President at a key juncture, leading the club through hiring the first ever Coaching Director, centralizing club dues, developing the Financial Assistance program for players, expanding to two teams per age group, and initiating the first-ever SRU College Showcase. He also worked to help develop the Schoplfin Complex that paved the way for the emergence of Trione Fields.

Stan Lennox

Stan Lennox had a major impact on soccer in Sonoma County, as well as SRU. He served as a longtime SRU board member and played a prominent role with the Santa Rosa Youth Soccer League during the early years of the club. He served on numerous club committees, was a longtime coach, known for mentoring many young coaches, he scheduled and coordinated the Belluzzo Fields, and made sure the fields were maintained at a high standard of quality. The award for volunteerism at SRU is known as the Stan Lennox Award.

Kendall McIntosh

Kendall McIntosh, who plays in Major League Soccer competed for Santa Rosa United in his early years. Known for his cat-like reflexes, Kendall excelled as a goal keeper, participating not only for Santa Rosa United, but being a regular participant with the U.S. National Team program. Although eventually moving to the San Jose Earthquakes Academy and Santa Clara University, Kendall could regularly be seen training at Trione fields and inspiring young SRU players.

Emiria Salzmann Dunn

Emiria Salzmann Dunn was a part of Santa Rosa United as a player, as a coach, and, during a time of transition, as a Director of Girls soccer. Already a member of the Analy High School Hall of Fame and the Sonoma State University Hall of Fame, where she was an NSCAA All American as a player, Emiria has carved a deep and successful legacy as a head coach, at SRU, at Santa Rosa Junior College, and at Sonoma State University.

Justin Selander

Justin Selander has established a reputation as both a celebrated player and one of the most distinguished coaches to grace the fields of SRU. Known for his laser-like shots on goal, Justin not only had success as a player at SRU, but also at Cardinal Newman High School, and as a member of the youth National Team. After leaving to play for UCLA and overseas, Justin returned to Coach at SRU and soon became the Pied Piper of Santa Rosa United. Justin not only coached at SRU, but also has been a fixture with the NorCal State Team and PDP programs. There likely wasn’t an SRU player, during his years at the Trione Complex, and perhaps more broadly around the State, who doesn’t immediately recognize that gravelly and encouraging voice, or whose name Justin did not know.

David Shaffer

David Shaffer is among the most legendary coaches to coach at Santa Rosa United and is one of the most well-known coaches to come out of Sonoma County. David is deeply embedded in Santa Rosa United lore, as a player, as a long-time coach, and as a Director of Coaching. He excelled in these roles, but established an incomparable record at SRU as a coach where he led SRU teams to more than10 State Cup Championships, 5 Regional titles, and 2 National Championships, as, arguably, the winningest coach in SRU history. He went on to coach both across the country and internationally. We lost David in 2022, but he will always will be remembered for a deep legacy throughout Sonoma County and among the far-reaching soccer community both here and abroad.

Stacey Strong

Stacey Strong played 10 years in the club for SRU teams, the Ice and the Storm, leading the Strom, as Captain, to three State Championships and one Western Region Championship. Stacey also led Montgomery High School to several National Championships while receiving honors as four-year first-team All-league selection, as well as Redwood Empire MVP her junior and senior years. Playing at the University of Southern California, she was selected to the All Pac-10 Freshman Team, a Freshman All American Honorable Mention, and a multiple All Pac-10 honoree, while winning a National Title in 2007. Stacey has often been touted by former SRU coaches as, arguably, the best female player to come out of Sonoma County.

Henry Trione

The Trione Family have been a long-standing fixture in the Santa Rosa United Community and have contributed to the club’s history in many ways both on the field and off. Henry Trione was instrumental in the creation of the Trione Field project. Henry committed one million dollars to the club to find and develop a new field space. This led to a joint venture with Sonoma County at Schopflin Park, where SRU was able to pull the project together with the initial investment from the Trione Family and additional donors and support. It is no stretch to say that having a "home base" at the Trione Fields Complex has been key for the SRU community for so many years.

Christopher Ziemer

Christopher Ziemer has established a distinct legacy at Santa Rosa United and in Sonoma County as a well-respected player (Sonoma State University Hall of Fame as a player) and as a top-notch coach and talent scout. In his role as the first-ever Coaching Director at SRU, Chris helped lead the transition from volunteer coaches to professional coaches and trainers, guiding SRU coaches and teams through a changing soccer landscape. He worked with Board members and community members to develop the Trione Fields project and served on the Sonoma Soccer Complex Board. Chris continues to impact the Sonoma County community and the broader soccer community at large. SRU established the annual Chris Ziemer Award to recognize the Coach that has done the most for their team and for the Club on and off the field.